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One of these Bolivia Custom travel planners can help you engage with the many unspoiled areas and natural wonders of this South American country. Whether it is birdwatching, cultural adventures or exotic natural environments, a Bolivia custom tour planner can help you design your tour.

The following list is compiled from travel writers, travel experts and our readers.  An independent tour, designed just for you and personalized to your needs, is often the best way to get the most out of your travel experience. Read more about custom tour planning in our “About Us” section.

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Bolivia Custom Travel Planner Ideas

Lake Titicaca

Bolivia Custom Travel Planner:Marisol Mosquera: Aracari TravelA Peru native, she can connect travelers with chefs for cooking trips across the country and keeps close tabs on the newest and chicest boutique hotels constantly popping up.
Phone: 51-1/ 651-2424
Website: Aracari Travel

Travel & Leisure A-List

Bolivia Custom Travel Planner: Marisol Mosquera: Aracari TravelMosquera creates authentic local experiences for clients. It could be cooking classes in a chef’s home; a homestay on the shores of Lake Titicaca; or guided fly-fishing excursions in a remote lagoon in the Peruvian Andes.
Phone: 51-1/ 651-2424
Website: Aracari Travel

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Additional Bolivia Custom Travel Planners Ideas

In country:

Bolivia Custom Travel Planner:Ruta VerdeRuta Verde is a tour agency, located in the centre of Bolivia 's tropical city Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The company was created to share the beautiful Bolivian treasures with the rest of the world with Dutch efficiency. We offer nature, adventure- and culture based excursions in one of the most beautiful, diverse, and fascinating countries in the world. For example, we organize trekking in National Parks like Amboro, Noel Kempff and Madidi, river boat trips in the Bolivian Amazon, cultural excursions to the Jesuit Missions, tailor made excursions and much more.
Phone: 591/3 3396470
Website: Ruta Verde Tours

Bolivia Custom Travel Planner:Inca World TravelTruly customized trips made possible with friendly and personalized consulting. Our specialists will adapt to your scheduling and budgetary needs as well as particular interests. From a celebratory trip fitted out with special touches and activites created especially for your occasion to family-oriented tours offering cultural enrichment through close contact with local communities and thrilling adventures for the intrepid among you.
Phone: 51/84 235746
Website: Inca World Travel


Top Ten for Bolivia: Ideas for working with your Bolivia Custom Tour Planner

Bolivia Custom Travel Planner Ideas

Isla del Sol

1 – Discover the vastness of the Salar de Uyuni.

2 – Navigate sacred Lake Titicaca.

3 – Enjoy the panoramic views of Isla del Sol.

4 – Wander through ruins at Tiwanaku, oldest civilization on the continent.

5 – Explore the Jesuit missions of Chiquitos.

6 – Float through the Pantanal.

7 – Listen to the exquisite folk music of the “chaqueño” man.

8 – Gaze on the wonders of Madidi National Park.

9 – Ride the Death Road on a mountain bike.

10 – Tour the silver mines of Potosi.

Bolivia Tourism Website

Bolivia Awaits You

This site is very difficult to find as it doesn’t seem to be optimized for web search. Once found, there is some general information on the country, destinations, events and activities. Quite a lot of it is in Spanish—be sure to check the UK flag button to get the English content. Even so, sometimes the content shows in Spanish, sometimes in English. So the information is sporadic, at best.   Better to consult a Bolivia custom travel planner to help you design your itinerary.

From the website:

“The Municipality of Torotoro is a paradise for bird lovers, one can find hundreds of species such as the Paraba de Frente Roja, which is found only here and it is considered in the verge of extinction. It has a red forehead, with red polka dots along its body and a long tail. It is approximately 60 cm long, with a long downward peak and yellow feathers underneath; or maybe the Calacante Cara Roja, which is about 38 cm long with light colored feathers, a red forehead, a yellow peak and a long and pointy tail, which sometimes may be confused with the first one. These are just a couple of species you can find in this idyllic eco system in Torotoro. Several view Points have been built expressly for bird watching, as well as another View Point at the Torotoro Canyon and an interpretation center 3 km. from the town. ”

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