Choose a Turkey Custom Travel Planner to help design your trip to Turkey. Custom travel planners steer you to the right experiences for your interests.  Explore the culture and history of Turkey using one of these custom tour planners.

Conde Nast Turkey Travel Experts

Turkey Custom Travel Planners Ideas


Turkey Custom Travel Planner: Karen Fedorko Sefer: Sea Song Tours
Phone: 90-212-292-8555
Website: Sea Song Tours

Turkey Custom Travel Planner: Earl Starkey: Protravel International
Phone: 212-409-9587
Website: Sophisticated Travel

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Turkey Custom Travel Planner: Earl Starkey: Protravel International
Phone: 212-409-9587
Website: Sophisticated Travel

Read Earl’s Istanbul and Cappadocia Travel Guides.

Additional Turkey Custom Travel Planner Ideas


Turkey Custom Travel Planner: Y. Murat Özgüç Travel AtelierI always had a passion for travel, being a traveler from my childhood with my family, and I always helped travelers around me to achieve success for their itineraries as a local Turkish person knowing my country well. In the last 10 years. Travel Atelier has become a trusted and successful name in Turkey’s DMC world as a boutique inbound operator. We offer expertise, local knowledge, an international mind set and great like minded industry connections, to create personal and flexible custom travel programs which are quite different from generic packages. Travel Atelier is a family run business with full time experts sharing a professional code of ethics and passion on travel.:
Phone: 90 384 341 6520
Website: Travel Atelier

Turkey Custom Travel Planner: Joel Zack: Heritage Tours Private Travel
Phone: 800-378-4555
Website: Heritage Tours Private Travel

Turkey Custom Travel Planner: Derya Butun: Travel Refinery
Phone: 90/212-245-8604
Website: Travel Refinery


Turkey Custom Travel Planners Ideas

The library at Ephesus

Turkey Custom Travel Planner: Sina Danyal: Danytur

Turkey Custom Travel Planner: Patricia Dwight: Adventure in Travel
Phone: 1-800-888-3704
Website: Adventure in Travel



Top Ten for Turkey: Ideas for working with your Turkey Custom Tour Planner

1 – Sail through the Bosphorus.

2 – Stroll the ruins of Ephasus.

3 – Wonder at the formations of  Cappadocia.

4 – Explore in Pamukkale.

5 – Visit the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

6 – Take a private cruise on the Aegean.

7 – Shop for Turkish carpets, inlaid woods and jeweled boxes in the bazaars.

8 – Marvel at the jewel Top Kapi.

9 – Whisper in the silence of the Blue Mosque.

10 – Watch the mad twirl of Whirling Dervishes.


Turkey Tourism Website

Go Turkey

The Go Turkey website has multiple interface options, from tour operators to pre-travel information to picture directories and downloadable aps.  One of the more useful pages is a list of 25 “not to miss” for Turkey – the “Don’t Miss List“.  But practically, 25 is a lot of things to do on your vacation.  Turkey is one of those countries where you want to have assistance.  In order to sort through all the options, we suggest a Turkey Custom Travel Planner to assist you with your tour planning.

Help us make our list better!  Let us know if you have a favorite Turkey Custom Travel Planner in the comment section.


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