An Ireland custom travel planner can suggest the best choices for your trip to kiss the Blarney stone!  Choose one from this list based on your interests:

Conde Nast Ireland Travel Experts

Ireland Custom Travel Planners

Celtic Crosses

Ireland Custom Travel Planner: Nicola Butler: Noteworthy
Phone: 44-0-203-051-5165
Website: Noteworthy

Ireland Custom Travel Planner: Geraldine Murtagh: Elegant Ireland
Phone: 353-1-473-2505
Website: Elegant Ireland

Ireland Custom Travel Planner: Kathleen Sheridan: Altour
Phone: 201-477-7002
Website: Altour

Travel & Leisure A-List

Ireland Custom Travel Planner: Carol Cornell: Covington Travel
Phone: 260-402-6789
Website: Covington Travel

Wendy Perrin’s WOW List

Ireland Custom Travel Planners: Jonathan and Preston Epstein: Celebrated Experiences
Phone: 800-322-2403
Website: Celebrated Experiences

Read Jonathan and Preston’s Killarney and Kerry Insider’s Guide.

Additional Ireland Custom Travel Planner Ideas


Ireland Custom Travel Planners:  John & Michele Hammond: Hammond Tours
Phone: 866-486-8772
Website:  Hammond Tours

Top Ten for Ireland: Ideas for working with your Ireland Custom Tour Planner

Ireland Custom Travel Planner Ideas

Doonagore Castle

1 – Kiss the Blarney Stone.

2 – March in a St. Patrick’s day parade.

3 – Drive the Ring of Kerry.

4 – Lift a pint in one of Belfast’s old pubs.

5 – Stroll Dublin’s neighborhoods.

6 – Dance in a local pub.

7 – Luxuriate in a castle hotel.

8 – Hike the breathtaking green hills.

9 – Search for shamrocks and leprechauns.

10 – Course fish the magnificent waterways.


Ireland Tourism Website


Many parts of this website are written like short travel articles, including information on sights to see, food, music, culture and traditions.  There are so many places to explore, just on the website, that figuring out what would be to your tastes might be a little difficult.  Try an Ireland Custom Travel Planner to help you come up with your ideal travel plan.

From the website:

” Passing through the desolate Doo Lough and Delphi Valleys towards the village of Leenane in County Galway is a dramatic journey. This is Ireland unplugged.

The rugged landscape and remoteness of the region has allowed Connemara to hold fast to its traditions.”

Help us make our lists better! Let us know if you have any favorites in the comment section.


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