Need help? Choose from this curated list of Chile custom travel planners and specialized tour companies. Selected Chile private independent tour planners.

One of these Chile custom travel planners can suggest the best choices for your voyage to the pampas and Patagonia.

Conde Nast Travel Experts

Chile Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Easter Island

Chile Custom Travel Planner:Tom Damon: Southwind AdventuresHe’s the go-to person for family-friendly trips in the Galápagos, the Amazon jungle, and Chile’s and Argentina’s national parks.
Phone: 800-377-9463, ext. 1
Website: Southwind Adventures

Chile Custom Travel Planner:Jordan Harvey: Knowmad AdventuresHarvey focuses on customized travel to areas off the beaten path. In Northern Patagonia, for example, his clients have ridden horses up to the remote Cochamo Valley where they stayed in a candle-lit cabin and ate a home-cooked meal over a wood-burning stove.
Phone: 877-616-8747
Website: Knowmad Adventures

Travel & Leisure A-List

Uruguay Custom Travel Planner:Brian Pearson: Upscape TravelCurrently excited about: Isla Bandurria, a private island in northern Patagonia, where travelers can tour villages with a local host, hike through beech forests, ride horse along the turquoise Puelo River, and spend time with Chilean baqueanos (cowboys).
Phone: 802/904-6798
Website: Upscape Travel

Wendy Perrin’s WOW List

Chile Custom Travel Planner: Tom Damon:Southwind AdventuresWendy says: If you’re looking to cross borders or link multiple regions, Tom is a pro at making the trip seamless, dodging crowds and logistical hassles. In Patagonia especially—where one itinerary might include planes, cars, trains, and boats—he’ll make it all run like clockwork.
Phone: 800-377-9463, ext. 1
Website: Southwind Adventures

Read Tom’s Patagonia Travel Guide.

Chile Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Moreno Glacier

Chile Custom Travel Planner:Maita Barrenechea: Mai 10Wendy says: Maita, who says she grew up inhaling nature and culture, is most passionate about providing travelers with those authentic, one-of-a-kind encounters that make for the happiest travel memories. She handpicks her guides, hiring only those with the right balance of knowledge and charisma, and is particularly fussy about hotels: Whether it’s a luxury estancia in the Pampas or an eco-lodge in Tierra del Fuego, she’ll detail all the pros and cons.
Website: Mai10

Additional Chile Custom Travel Planners Ideas


Chile Custom Travel Planner:Diana Lochner: Patagonia RoadPatagonia road is a small inbound operator specializing in individual and tailor-made tours throughout Chile, Argentina and Bolivia, by designing a truly unique option to the traditional pre-packaged itineraries. We can organize cavalcades in Patagonia or the Northwest of Argentina as well as diverse regions of Chile, horseback riding crossings the Andes from Argentina to Chile arriving to the Pacific, in a combination of cavalcades, trekking and rafting.
Phone: 54-294/ 4448579
Website:  Patagonia Road

 In Country Expert:

Chile Custom Travel Planner:Jackie Aliste: Travel Guides ChileWith expertise in not only luxury but culture, wildlife and history as well, Travel Guide Chile reveals your destination with an authenticity beyond the reach of any other travel company.
Phone: 56-9-95754051
Website:  Travel Guide Chile


Top Ten for Chile: Ideas for working with your Chile Custom Tour Planner

1 – Reflect in the silence at “el fin del mundo”.

2 – Fly fish in Tiera del Fuego.

3 – Experience the exciting Santiago night life.

4 – Kayak in Punta Arenas.

5 – Cruise the fjords.

Chile Custom Travel Planners Ideas

The Milky Way over Vicuna

6 – Explore the Valdivian rainforest.

7 – Shop for ponchos and sombreros.

8 – See Altiplano’s towering volcanos .

9 – Visit Easter Island and the Moais.

10 – Hike the W Circuit in Torres del Paine.

Chile Tourism Website:

Chile Travel

From the website:

“Breathtaking Views Await You at the End of the World
Almost 500 years have passed since Patagonia was discovered, but the words that we use to describe it are the same as those invoked by the first explorers and naturalists: exotic, remote, vast, infinitely beautiful, wild and untamable.

It is easy to lose yourself in this area, which is roughly the size of Britain but has a less than one inhabitant per km2. Over 50% of Chilean Patagonia is a Protected Wilderness Area. Here, it’s just you and the wild nature that serves as a backdrop to such diverse activities as fly-fishing, trekking, cycling, mountain climbing, rafting, kayaking and horseback riding.”

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