Need help with a Morocco custom tour? Choose from this curated list of Morocco custom travel planners and specialists to help design your private tour.

Custom travel planners can make your trip to Morocco magical. Create the perfect tour with the help of one of these Morocco custom travel planners.

Conde Nast Morocco Travel Experts

Morocco Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Tangine pots in a Marrakesh souk.

Morocco Custom Travel Planner: Joel Zack: Heritage Tours Private TravelFrom T&L: An expert on Moroccan architecture and historic preservation, Zack has made 40-plus trips to the country and returns at least twice a year. He'll help you dive into the culture inside the Casbahs—whether through a meeting with an art gallery owner or a visit to a villager's home—and may coax you out of the major cities to the beaches of Essaouira or the ethereal High Atlas Range
Phone: 800-378-4555
Website: Heritage Tours Private Travel

Travel & Leisure A-List

Morocco Custom Travel Planner: Michael Diamond: Heritage Tours Private TravelFrom T&L: With a keen interest in cultural and experiential travel, Diamond plans everything from cooking classes in a Fez riad to hikes and horseback rides through the country’s scenic southern deserts. One special touch: all of his clients are given cell phones during the trip so that they can call guides, drivers, and the Marrakesh office of his company at any time.
Phone: 800-378-4555
Website: Heritage Tours Private Travel

Wendy Perrin’s WOW List

Morocco Custom Travel Planner: Joel Zack: Heritage Tours Private TravelWendy says: Joel is a Fulbright Scholar, architect, historical preservationist, and co-author of two books about Morocco. His extensive travels, scholarly research, and work abroad have allowed him to build a unique Rolodex of local experts and specialists in a variety of fields, enabling him to offer exclusive experiences ranging from visits to privately owned palaces to meals with top chefs to meetings with art gallery owners to visits to villagers’ homes.
Phone: 800-378-4555
Website: Heritage Tours Private Travel

Read Joel’s Insider Guide to Marrakesh and the Atlas Mountains.


Additional Morocco Custom Travel Planners Ideas

One Country Specialist:

Morocco Custom Travel Planner: Liz Williams: Authentic MoroccoAuthentic Morocco Limited is a small independent Tour Operator specializing in Private Morocco Tours. We offer tailor-made itineraries with a distinctly authentic Moroccan flavour. Contact us for an unforgettable experience of a kingdom and country that will captivate and inspire you with its contrasts, colours and rich cultural heritage.
Phone: 44 (0) 117 373 9145
Website: Authentic Morocco

Cultural Experiences:

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Top Ten for Morocco: Ideas for working with your Morocco Custom Tour Planner

Morocco Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Royal Palace Doors in Fez

1 – Wander the wonderful east-west blend of Casablanca.

2 – See legendary Jamaâ El-Fna in Marrakesh.

3 – Gaze at the peaks of the High Atlas mountains.

4 – Tour the exceptional late eighteenth century fortified town of Essaouira.

5 – Shop medinas and souks overflowing with local wares.

6 – Visit Dar Batha of Fez.

7 – Experience colorful Berber villages.

8 – Absorb the scents of exotic spices, fruits and mint.

9 – Wander through medersas and palaces.

10 – Relax in a sumptuous riad.

Morocco Tourism Website

Morocco Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Sunset at Kasbah

Morocco – Travel for Real

From the website:

“The Country that Travels Within You

One can not mention Morocco without bringing up the wonderful memories of those who have visited the country. The new strap line “The country that Travels within you” of Morocco’s advertising campaign conjures up deeply the experience lived and which last in all memories.”

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