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Chose from this list of Czech Republic Custom travel planners who can help you design your tour. Independent travel through most countries in Europe is fairly easy and heading off on your own can be part of the adventure. But what if you don’t have the time to read all the websites, find all the guides, map out a route, make all the reservations and figure out what you CAN do from day to day? Using an independent Czech Republic tour advisor or expert can free you up to enjoy your vacation. Create the perfect tour with the help of one of these Czech Republic custom travel planners.

Conde Nast Czech Republic Travel Expert

Czech Republic Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Karlovy Vary

Czech Republic Custom Travel Planner: Gwen Kozlowski: Exeter International
Phone: 813-251-5355

Travel & Leisure A-List

Czech Republic Custom Travel Planner: Ellison Poe: Poe Travel
Phone: 800-727-1960
Website: Poe Travel

Wendy Perrin’s WOW List

Czech Republic Custom Travel Planner: Gwen Kozlowski: Exeter International
Phone: 813-251-5355

Read Gwen’s guide to Czech Republic.

Gwen can also assist you with travel to Austria, Hungary and Poland.

Additional Czech Republic Custom Travel Planner Ideas

Czech Republic Custom Travel Planner: Nataly: Jayway Boutique Travel
Phone: 914-500-8912
Website: Jay Way Travel

Top Ten for Czech Republic: Ideas for working with your Czech Republic Custom Tour Planner

1 – Wander the vibrant cobblestone streets of Prague.

Czech Republic Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Trosky Castle

2 – Take the waters in Karlovy Vary.

3 – Listen to Mozart in the city where he lived and wrote.

4 – Visit romantic castles and mysterious chateaus.

5 – Check the time on the Astronimical Clock on Prague’s Old Town Square.

6 – Tour the Rose Towns of Southern Bohemia.

7 – Shop for bright lead crystal.

8 – Hike in Krkonose National Park.

9 – Relax in a cafe until the wee hours of the morning.

10 –Explore the limestone caves of Moravia’s karst region.

Czech Republic Tourism Website

Czech Republic

In addition to travel information about the destination and activities this website features some really cool 3D tours of many places in the Czech Republic. Look at the bottom of the page for one of them along with the link to what they say is 999 more. Prague merits an entire section dedicated to it while the rest of the site is about other destinations.

From the website:

“Castles, chateaux, twelve UNESCO monuments and historical cities are some of the most popular trip destinations in the Czech Republic. Come and see the winding lanes with their magical atmosphere, medieval ramparts and romantic corners. Ancient times are combined with the unadulterated present in several locations – you will see this for example when visiting Český Krumlov or Kutná Hora. Why not also set out to places where famous works of the past are presented in a lively and interactive style! Where? For example Museum Kampa in Prague, where the largest collection of paintings by František Kupka can be seen!”

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