Work with a Mongolia custom travel planner to create a special experience. A Mongolia expert travel planner will be exceptionally well-traveled and knowledgeable about the country and its history, culture, language, geography and weather. They will have contacts in the country that can make your trip a success. This list will give you a start on your planning process:

Conde Nast Mongolia Travel Experts

Mongolia Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Gobi Desert

Mongolia Custom Travel Planner: Jalsa Urubshurow: Nomadic Expeditions
Phone: 800-998-6634
Website:  Nomadic Expeditions

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Mongolia Custom Travel Planner: Jalsa Urubshurow: Nomadic Expeditions
Phone: 800-998-6634
Website:  Nomadic Expeditions

Read Jalsa’s Insider’s Guide to Mongolia

Additional Mongolia Custom Travel Planner Ideas

Mongolia Custom Travel Planner: Jonathan Khoury: Blue Silk Travel
Phone: 800-225-0560
Email: only through website
Website:  Blue Silk Travel

Mongolia Custom Travel Planner: Sanjay Saxena: Destination Himalaya

Nadaam Festival Custom Travel Planners

Nadaam Festival Custom Travel Planners

Phone: 800-694-6342
Website: Destination Himalaya

Mongolia Custom Travel Planner: Travel All Mongolia
Phone: 863-273-3527
Website:  Travel All Mongolia

Mongolia Custom Travel Planner: Tom Marchant: Black Tomato
Phone: 646-558-3644
Website: Black Tomato

In Country:

Mongolia Custom Travel Planner: Ron Oren: Mongolian Ways
Phone: 976-11-330351
Website:  Mongolian Ways

Top Ten for Mongolia: Ideas for working with your Mongolia Custom Tour Planner

1 – Experience the traditional nomadic way of life by staying in a yurt.

Mongolian Yurt Camp Custom Travel Planners

Mongolian Yurt Camp

2 – Attend the Naadam summer festival.

3 – Ride horseback across the Steppes.

4 – Wander through Karakorum, Chinggis Khaan’s fabled city.

5 – Ride the taiga of Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve.

6 – View dinosaur fossils in Ulaanbaatar`s Natural History Museum.

7 – Explore Manzushri Monastery in Tuv Aimag.

8 – Visit camel herders in the Gobi desert.

9 – Watch the `manly games` of horse racing, wrestling and archery.

10 – Sail across Lake Khuvsgul.

Mongolia Tourism Website

Mongolia National Tourism Center

As usual with smaller countries, a local tour operator has registered the “Visit Mongolia” URL, so don’t be fooled. It’s not the national tourist site. The actual tourist site is run by the government and does not offer “deals” and an “about us” page that describes the company!

Mongolia Custom Travel Planners Ideas


The actual tourist site, though, is a pretty dry government created site that discusses visas and the like. Buried deep on the first page are some interesting links to the “Wonders of Mongolia”, such as Terkhin Tsagaan Lake, Erdene Zuu monastery and Zanabazar’s masterpiece, Kharakhorum and Khuvsguuul Lake.

From the website:

“Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, Khorgo: also known as White Lake is a lake in the Khangai Mountains in central Mongolia. The Khorgo volcano is located near the eastern end of the lake and the Suman River springs from lake. The crater is about 300-400 meters wide, deep is about 70-80 meters. The lake located on the 2060 meters high from the bottom of sea. There are 10 rivers streaming into lake and one river Suman took its stream from lake. There is small Iceland on this lake.”

Help us make our list better. Let us know if you have a favorite Mongolia Custom Travel Planner in the comment section!


  1. Hi! We found your site and heard you arrange custom tours. Here’s our itinerary:

    We will fly into UB on July 21 at 4:15am and leave July 30 at 8:40am.

    We would like to see:

    kharkhorum (ancient city)
    elsen tasarkhai (mini golbi)
    8 lakes
    arkhangai (near hot spring)
    tsenheriin rashaan hot spring
    Horgiin togoo volcano
    bayankhongor (nadaam festival, July 27-28)

    We have 4 people. We would like to stay in a ger. We would like to experience riding horses as well as camels, if possible.

    Please give us a quote for how much this will cost per day for everything including driver, fuel, food, accommodation, and activities.

    Thank you!

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    • Thank you for your note Jennifer. We do not arrange tours but only refer you to operators. We suggest you try one of the companies listed above with your request.


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