Try one of these China custom travel planners to assist you with creating your ideal trip.  China is big!   Both in popularity for travel and in size and scope of travel.   A China custom tour planner will base their recommendations on your interests, needs, budget and their in-depth knowledge of the destination. Their services range from simple itineraries to fully-planned out custom tours with private introductions, cultural experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Conde Nast China Travel Experts

China Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Great Wall of China

China Custom Travel Planner: Zhang Mei: WildChinaZhang, who is based in Beijing, has a vast network of in-country experts in nearly every field to introduce you to “authentic China.” Her cultural connections run deepest in southwest China, where you might have tea with a shaman or camp in luxury mobile tents on the Tibetan Plateau. (2012)
Phone: 888-902-8808
Website:Wild China

Travel & Leisure A-List

China Custom Travel Planner: Guy Rubin: Imperial ToursWhen Rubin moved to China, in 1994, he was surprised to find a dearth of resources for discerning travelers in a country so rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty. He and his wife and partner, Nancy Kim, set out to change that, and they now lead China’s most sophisticated luxury tour operator. To keep up with the country’s rapid transformation, Rubin is constantly inspecting new hotels and planning new excursions.
Phone: 86 10 84407162
Website:Imperial Tours

China Custom Travel Planner: Stan Godwyn: TravelStoreGodwyn, who speaks Mandarin, has lived in Shanxi province and has a master’s in anthropology with a focus on Chinese archaeology—which means he can deliver itineraries with a great sense of history, while also nimbly managing common hiccups such as unannounced flight changes and gridlocked traffic in Beijing.
Phone: 916-830-5511
Website:Travel Store

China Custom Travel Planner: Zhang Mei: WildChinaZhang formed WildChina with a mission to take travelers away from the beaten path, introducing them to destinations such as Xiahe in Northwest China, known for its Tibetan culture, and Ruili, a merchant town that shares a border with Myanmar, located in her native Yunnan region. She is especially adept at getting people out into the countryside to explore some of China’s stunning national parks, like Zhangjiajie, the landscape inspiration behind the movie Avatar.
Phone: 888-902-8808
Website:Wild China

Wendy Perrin’s WOW List

China Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Guilin Mountain landscape along the Li River

China Custom Travel Planner: Zhang Mei: WildChinaNo matter the occasion—family trip or 50th birthday celebration—Mei can filter the seemingly endless options for clients to craft the experience that’s just right for them. She has close relationships with hotel and restaurant owners and makes sure that her clients get the red-carpet treatment. Her guides and drivers are the best in the business, opening the doors to authentic Chinese culture and steering travelers away from the crowds, the expected, and all things touristy.
Phone: 888-902-8808
Website:Wild China

Read Zhang Mei’s China Yunnan Province Touring Tips

Additional China Custom Travel Planners Ideas:

China Custom Travel Planner:  Gerald Hetherly: Abercrombie & KentHe knows how to negotiate the big cities so efficiently that you’ll have enough time for the lesser-known rural gems such as the rice terraces of Longsheng or the bamboo forests of Zhejiang, where the raw beauty of fast-vanishing bucolic China can still be found.
Phone: 888-611-4711
Website:Abercrombie & Kent

Luxury Tours:

Imperial Tours

China Custom Travel Planner: Jonathan L. Hasson: Luxury Concierge China Luxury Concierge China provides customized travel solutions, private guided tours and concierge services to the affluent traveler visiting Shanghai, Beijing & Beyond. All the experiences & tours are fully private, bespoke, and conducted by senior international experts, each of whom have a field of expertise in addition to a general knowledge (history, architecture, culture) on the area where they reside.
Phone: None provided
Website:Luxury Concierge China

Face to Face: An interview with Jonathan Hasson on Travel Daily Media.

Focuses on Art:

China Custom Travel Planner: Tiffany Newman: Criterion Travel
Phone: 888-328-2089
Email: info@criterion
Website:Criterion Travel


China Custom Travel Planner: Guy Rubin: Imperial Tours
Phone: 86 10 84407162
Website:Imperial Tours

Top Ten for China: Ideas for working with your China Custom Tour Planner.

1 – Climb the stairs of the Great Wall.

China Custom Travel Planners Ideas

Boats in Hong Kong Bay

2 – Wander among the Terra-Cotta Warriors in Xi’an.

3 – Cruise down the Yangtze River.

4 – Stroll the Bund in Shanghai.

5 – Stand in Tiananmen Square.

6 – Explore the Forbidden City.

7 – Eat Peking Duck in Beijing

8 – Drift down the Li River in Guilin.

9 – Visit the rural villages and vanishing tribes of Guizhou province.

10 – See the beginning of the Silk Road.

China Tourism Website

China Like Never Before

From the website:

” The ancient treasures and modern wonders of China span 5,000 years of culture and history. The natural beauty, fascinating heritage, mouth-watering cuisine, and state-of-the-art cities will enthrall, excite and amaze you. And throughout this great destination, a warm and friendly people awaits you, eager to share a level of hospitality that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Now is the time to discover beautiful China, like never before! – See more

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